Pi Power -- How I Made a Battery Powered USB Hub

Reading time ~1 minute

Originally posted on www.letsmakerobots.com

As I prepare to start adding peripherals to my Pi Bot, I wanted to be sure to get around the 700ma power budget the Pi has. After searching for a cheap battery powered USB hub and finding little, I decided to hack up a few cheap(ish) parts and make my own.

  1. USB Hub: $1.39

  2. 5000mAh Battery: $17.93

  3. DC-DC Converter: $2.76

Total: $22.08

The Battery Hack:

1. Crack it open.

2. Find POWER and GND.

3. Wire it up.

4. Make a small hole for wires and bring wires out.

5. Solder the respective leads to the DC-DC converter.

6. Smile, then sit through my way too long of a video to make it into the HUB.

Hope all are well. :)

NOTE: Regarding the error at the end of the video. Don’t panic (that’s what I did). I actually found out this had nothing to do with my hub, it had to do with plugging an iPhone into a Raspberry Pi.

NOTE2: I realize I used the wrong “hearty,” my brain has problems typing homonyms and parahomonyms. :P

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