Arduino to RPi -- Galvanically Isolated I2C

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Breakout PCB Arduino Code

I’ve waited to finish incorporating my Raspberry Pi into my bot for an ample bit. But since I know so little about electricity, I swore to myself I wouldn’t add my Pi to my bot until I was absolutely sure I wouldn’t fry it.

Well, I’m still not “absolutely” sure, but I feel this little optoisolator has brought me a lot closer. This builds on my post a week or so ago about making Eagle parts.

I plan to actually list out what tweaks a Wheezy image needs to get this optoisolator build to work. It’s actually pretty easy–but whatever you, don’t be lured in by quick2wire. Those buggers wasted most of my day :(

If anyone has questions let me know.

Oh, one note. When I populated the board I used 4.7k resistors on the Arduino side, but I pulled off everything on the Raspberry Pi side. It seems the Pi has built in pull-ups that do the job rather well.

ADUM1250ARZ Datasheet

Hope everyone is well :)

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