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Prioritization Strategy

I’ve tons of projects. Too many. Ironically, I’m a goal oriented person. I thrive on completing something cool. And as I get older I begin to realize, time is my greatest enemy. I don’t have the time I need to complete as many projects as I scheme. Here is my attempt to reign in the number of projects, choosing to focus on what matters.

Here’s what matters to me:


My family matter most. This is complicated, because my brain needs breaks from them. But if there is a project which will enable engagement with my family, it should take priority.


Part of the reason I’m in this project swamp is my natural curiousity. I’m largely a determinist. I believe what you do, regardlesss of your initial interest level, will eventually become interesting.


I once wrote in a college essay: “If you’re not learning, you’re dying.” Still not sure of the veracity of the statement, but I’ve lived by it since writing it. I’ve fallen in love with learning–I want to make sure the projects I work on are actually helping me learn. Not actions to grind through an activity.


Being real, I like when people think my work is interesting. The longer I spend in the development world, the more I realize this is pretty universal among good developers. They care about what they produce and enjoy when someone appreciates it.

Helping Others

I don’t know a lot, but I know people have absolute worth. Human beings, regardless if they are spiritual vessels or evolutionary by products, are absolutely amazing. I enjoy getting opportunities to help others.


I see value in walking an unbeaten path. Creating projects which have little value to others, but bring me joy, are worth working on to me.


Definition of “Done”

  • Nothing gets started until there’s a definition of done.


Name Family Interest Learning Kudos Helping Lolz Total
Write Python package for intereacting with RAMPs   1 1 1 1   4
Writing a BLE bleak terminal article.   1 1 1 1   4
Write article on Bluetooth LE using the ESP32   1 1   1 1 4
Develop a ML model for predicting length of homelessness   1   1 1 1 4
Write Self-Sensored iOS app 1 1 1       3
Create REST API for SelfSensored using Flask 1 1 1       3
Implement DDS with Arduino and RAMPs   1 1 1     3
Creating lessons for teaching Silas to program. 1       1   2
Create REST API for SelfSensored using AWS Gateway 1   1       2
Pull data from Trello 1 1 1       3
Modify Flask, uWSGI, MariaDB stack script for HTTPs   1 1 1 1   4
Use time-of-flight sensor for liquid gauge 1 1 1     1 4

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